What would the world be like
without artists?

Whether it is the stars that have been woven into the pages of a literary masterpiece or a memory captured by a brush and made immortal between the pigments of  paint, it is obvious that artists are essential to the preservation of the human condition.


What you should know about us

We are a publishing, advertising and communications consulting firm that manages media, develops brands, and aids our clients in overcoming challenges, from the mundane to the seemingly insurmountable. The international team we have holds a wide variety of expertise that has been consolidated to form the solid base upon which the Lafto firm has been established. We are a young, energetic group of creative people that have a penchant for excellence, and will go to no small length to ensure that every detail is a specimen of perfection.


Our Services

Brand Development

Adding value to your business by strategically distinguishing your brand

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From photography and written content to completed publication, we take care of the whole process.

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Media Productions

Photography, videography, captions and more: media for any occasion.

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Digital Marketing

Reinventing digital brands

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Event Management

Designing and executing memorable events

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PR and Communications Services

When it comes to communication, we are the key

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